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Why Buy a Franchise?

You’ve been looking at franchises. You also may have encountered independent training organizations and may be considering starting your business on your own. But consider that buying a franchise has many benefits , such as the following, from our own NPI and GPI franchise owners:

  • You have a team of people at the home office behind  you, supporting you every day, offering you valuable tips and information.
  • Training organizations only offer training; they don’t offer business or marketing information.
  • Franchisors have a system that works and has been proven and time-tested.
  • You have a team of people you can call when you have questions.
  • You automatically have brand awareness from a national company.

For more benefits of owning a franchise, read “Countdown: Ten Reasons Why to Buy a Franchise.”

Working Harder Than Ever and Loving It


Susan and Jim Giuffre

Working as an electrician for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Jim Giuffre wanted to move out of New York, but he was too young to retire. So, he started looking for a profession where he could use his experience and move his family.

“My wife and I decided to move to North Carolina and start the next stage of our lives doing something different,” Giuffre said. “After significant research, I decided to become a property inspector.”

Choosing the Right Franchise System
Giuffre thought about starting an inspection business on his own and began researching franchises versus going independent. After extensive research, he knew that buying a franchise was the best way to get his business off the ground. As he put it, “Why reinvent the wheel?” With a franchise company, Giuffre would have access to proven business and marketing plans, as well as the extensive training he would need to start his future in property inspection.

In selecting a franchisor, Giuffre considered many factors, including the royalty program, report software, training, startup cost, marketing and support. He also wanted to ensure that the franchise company was interested in helping him become successful in his business.

“After interviewing many inspection franchises, it was very clear that National Property Inspections was the best franchise to purchase and grow a business,” Giuffre said. “It has been a great decision.”

At NPI, Julie Erickson, director of franchise sales, spoke with Giuffre on multiple occasions. “She was pleasant, patient with my questions and extremely informative,” Giuffre said. “It was a big difference from the other franchises I had called. I was impressed that she wanted to know about me and what I was looking to do and what I wanted from the franchise. No one else asked me what I wanted or told me what they could do for me. All of the other franchises were very cold when talking to them and let me know what I was required to do for them by owning their franchise. It was a huge difference speaking with NPI.”

In April 2006, Giuffre signed with National Property Inspections to start his own business in Sunset Beach, N.C.

Franchising the NPI Way
One of the things NPI prides itself on is outstanding support for its business owners from the moment they contact us about a franchise opportunity. Giuffre said that when calling NPI’s corporate office in Omaha, Neb., for help, opinion and direction in any topic, the staff is there to help him and his wife, Susan, immediately.

“If more information is needed, anyone at the home office is prompt in finding that information for us,” Giuffre said. “The support from NPI is a huge help in running our business. It enables me to conduct the best inspections I can, and now my inspectors who work for me call Omaha when they need answers for various topics, too. NPI is a huge help to Susan and my office staff in marketing, networking and presentations. In owning my NPI franchise, I do not have to reinvent the wheel.”

Giuffre said other benefits of NPI include the marketing materials supplied by the company, the inspection report software, the equipment that NPI supplies to each new business owner and promotional items. For example, the NPI startup package includes a tablet computer, a portable printer, and inspection tools, such as a moisture meter and gas sniffer.

Success With NPI
“We have never worked so hard in all our lives, and I mean that in a great way,” Giuffre said. “We are working hard for ourselves and now for our employees.” That hard work has paid off, as Giuffre’s business is one of NPI’s most successful.

“The training I have received through my franchise and the consistent help in all areas of my business have been priceless,” Giuffre said. “Being a franchisee has also put me in direct contact with other franchisees who are willing to help me succeed. There is no competition; we are all building our businesses and help each other in any way we can. I would not have that professional help from other inspectors/competitors if I was on my own. We are ‘home’ with our franchise.”