Landing a Job: It’s All in the Interview

Submitted by Roland Bates, President, NPI/GPI

Agent_shutterstock_187113938Let’s talk about hiring employees, something that franchise owners often have to do once their businesses take off. Resumes aside, most employers decide to hire or not hire during the interview. Here are a few of the unfiltered and unadulterated answers I have received to my interview questions over the years.

(In fairness to these individuals, maybe they were just nervous. But their answers impressed me enough that I can still recall, and will share, my private thoughts in response thereto.)

Me: What brings you here today?
Answer: You are advertising a job opening. (Reminder to myself: I need a new lead-in question.)

Me: It says here that you are ambitious. Have you ever set your sights too high?
Answer: My grandfather left me a rifle; I shot at the ground but hit a tree. (My fault; I shouldn’t have asked such a dumb question.)

Me: How would your last boss describe you?
Answer: She said I didn’t apply myself but that’s her opinion. (No red flags yet.)

Me: We all have our attributes, good and bad. What is your greatest weakness?
Answer: I go to the gym pretty often, but I’ve never been able to do chin-ups. But most women can’t. (I wonder how many chin-ups I can do.)

Me: What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome?
Answer: I climbed Pike’s Peak. (You would make a good park ranger.)

Me: Give me an example of when you failed.
Answer: Algebra. (I have got to ask better questions.)

For those of you who know me, and to anticipate your inquisitiveness, none of the folks who provided the answers above made it onto the Omaha NPI/GPI home-office staff. Or did they?

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