Choose a Franchisor That Offers Superb Ongoing Support

Inspector Team + AC8In your search for a franchisor with which you’d like to work, one of the key things you need to look for is support — specifically, how much support the franchisor offers on an ongoing basis, after the initial training period ends.

Some franchisors offer great support during the initial training period, but once that period ends, you’re on your own. Will you be confident enough at that time to manage your business as well as your marketing, website, etc., by yourself?

Some new franchise owners are, but most are happier with franchisors that offer ongoing support. For example, NPI/GPI has a dedicated marketing team to provide ongoing support to franchise owners, both new and established. Our technical team is available seven days a week to answer questions and help NPI/GPI inspectors with technical issues and problems that arise when they are out on inspections. And our office staff is available to assist with ordering materials and answering questions. These are services that many franchisors don’t offer once your business is up and running.

As you consider franchisors, be sure to ask what kind of continuing or ongoing support they will offer you after you’re trained. Are you going to be on your own, or will you have a team backing you up?

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