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NPI/GPI Franchise Owners Win Big at 2014 Annual Conference

Thirty-nine awards were given to top performers

NPI/GPI President's Club Winners

NPI/GPI President’s Club Winners

National Property Inspections, Inc., parent company of National Property Inspections in the United States and Global Property Inspections in Canada, gave awards to 39 franchise owners who are top performers in four categories: the Platinum Award, the President’s Club, the Pinnacle Award and the Rising Star Award.

The awards banquet was held during the 2014 NPI/GPI Annual Conference in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, Nov. 14 and 15. Franchisees from across the United States and Canada attended, as well as their spouses and employees.

The awards are based on three main criteria:

  1. Reported earnings and percentage of growth from the previous year
  2. Size and location of franchise market
  3. Length of time the franchise has been in operation

“These awards are our way of recognizing our top performers in various markets,” said Roland Bates, president of National Property Inspections, Inc. “The awards also add a special touch to our annual conference; everyone looks forward to the banquet dinner and awards ceremony.”

The following NPI and GPI franchise owners won Platinum Awards: Steve Anderson, Goodyear, Arizona; John Braddock, Castle Rock, Colorado; Mark Crowley, Bettendorf, Iowa; Brett Freebody, Westbury, New York; Andy Hasler, Camarillo, California; Steve Mangekian, Merrimack, New Hampshire; Bob McDonough, Atlanta, Georgia; Charlie Panellino, Smithtown, New York; and David Riley, Savannah, Georgia.

The following franchise owners were the recipients of the NPI/GPI President’s Club Award: Rich Buhrman, Hedgesville, West Virginia; James Childre, Stuart, Florida; George Gabbert, Pueblo, Colorado; Ron Griffith,

Clinton, Connecticut; Jim Giuffre, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina; Terry Haynie, Indian Springs, Ohio; Eldon Holliday, Olive Branch, Mississippi; Greg Mathias, Lloydminster, Alberta; Gerry Millen, Regina, Saskatchewan; Stephan Quigley, Forest Hill, Maryland; Ron Schenck, Kennewick, Washington; Matt Tracy, Doylestown, Pennsylvania; and Rodney Twyford, San Antonio, Texas.

Recipients of the NPI/GPI Pinnacle Award were the following franchise owners: Jason Bancroft, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania; Tim Brown, Grand Forks, North Dakota; Lawrence Englehart, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; George Gould, St. Charles, Missouri; Wes Grant, Indian Trail, North Carolina; Stephen Gregory, Floyd, Virginia; Mike Hogan, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia; Ed Lannon, Miramar Beach, Florida; Tony Marino, Clearwater, Florida; Chris Marshall, Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Todd Newhook, Markham, Ontario; Steve Thomas, Yorktown, Virginia; Fred Tonte, Wesley Chapel, Florida; Tom Trotter, Troy, Ohio; and Doug Versaw, Golden, Colorado.

NPI franchise owners Ed Fillpot, Round Rock, Texas, and Brian Nygaard, Sartell, Minnesota, received Rising Star Awards as top performers in their first year of business.

National Property Inspections, Inc., extends congratulations to all of its award winners. “These franchise owners have worked extremely hard to become our top performers,” Bates said, “and we appreciate their dedication to NPI and GPI. Congratulations to all of them.”

For information about franchising with NPI or GPI, visit or

GPI Franchisee Wins Through Marketing

HamiltonPassion nearly always produces results. At least that’s the way it is for Global Property Inspections inspector John Hamilton. In the 25  years that Hamilton was in sales and marketing for a national wine importing company, he really had a passion for property. He built and remodeled nearly half a dozen homes, living in them and then selling the real estate.

So, when his former employer gave Hamilton the “golden handshake,” he knew where he wanted to invest his money: in a property inspection franchise.

Franchising the GPI Way
Hamilton purchased his GPI business in January 2004, and his passion for the trade earned him a GPI Rising Star Award, which is bestowed on new franchise owners who excel in production.

In his second month in business, Hamilton conducted 32 inspections, and he performed 42 inspections in his third month. Success as a property inspection franchise owner is all about sales and marketing, he said.

“You can’t sit at home and wait for the telephone to ring. You have to market yourself seven days a week,” Hamilton said.

He did just that by getting to know the Realtors in his area, attending Realtor meetings to tell potential customers more about himself and raffle bottles of wine, and visiting open houses.

“It’s a matter of finding common ground with Realtors and making them like you.”

Hamilton’s hot property market also has helped him build business in his community of Barrie, Ontario, a bedroom town about 50 miles from Toronto. “It’s a commuter community,” Hamilton said. “People want to live here.

Both his homebuyers and Realtors appreciate Hamilton’s low-key approach and the way he tells it like it is.

Success With GPI
Hamilton said that his mission is to help buyers understand the issues in their homes. “If the sink is leaking, I don’t make a big deal of it. It’s something that can be solved, and I’ll tell the buyer that. If the basement has a leak, I explain that it’s a bigger issue and that’s just something the buyer must deal with as well. Generally speaking, if it’s a big issue, Realtors understand.

Hamilton said that he likes best the freedom and independence of his life as a property inspections business owner. His advice to new franchise owners is to consider marketing at least an eight-hour-a-day job, “even when you’re not doing inspections.”

NPI/GPI Recognized as a Top Franchisor

National Property Inspections, Inc., is the parent company of National Property Inspections in the United States and Global Property Inspections in Canada, and we’re an outstanding franchisor.  But don’t just listen to us tell you how great NPI and GPI are. Listen to the industry:

Franchise Business Review Four-star Franchisor: In early 2014, National Property Inspections, Inc., issued Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction survey to all NPI/GPI business owners. We had tremendous response, and our overall score was 4.1 stars — an outstanding achievement. We scored particularly high (4.7) on the Core Values section, which reflects our philosophy of honesty, integrity and professionalism. Click here to read the complete survey summary.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500: National Property Inspections consistently makes Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® list, an annual list of the top 500 franchises in the United States.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Low-cost Franchises: Along with the Franchise 500®, National Property Inspections repeatedly has been included on Entrepreneur’s Low-cost Franchises list.

Franchise Business Review Top Low-cost Franchises: In 2014, National Property Inspections, Inc., was included on Franchise Business Review’s Top Low-cost Franchises list, which includes the best franchises that cost less than $100,000.

Military Times 38 Best for Vets: Franchises: In 2014, National Property Inspections made the Military Times 38 Best for Vets: Franchises list for its efforts in providing veterans an environment for success.

Award-winning Franchise Owner Diversified His Business Early On


NPI franchise owner Bob McDonough

Bob McDonough’s franchise success is all in the family.

When McDonough purchased his National Property Inspections franchise in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2008, his goal was to get back to owning his own business. Since then, the award-winning franchisee has added a territory, brought his son-in-law on board to run it, and hired his sister as a virtual office assistant. She lives in Michigan but answers two cellphones, corresponds with agents, arranges inspections for both territories and closes the sales.

“Using family has been great,” McDonough said. “I know I can trust them. I know they’re not going to walk in one day and quit and leave me hanging.”

Franchising the NPI Way
A 2012 NPI Platinum Award winner, McDonough credits two things for his success: constant marketing and diversification of his services. His background in facility management at the Target Corporation and his personal history of owning and repairing homes meant he had the resume to put himself ahead of the competition from day one. NPI, with its focus on both commercial and residential inspections and strong Web presence, was the right fit.

“It’s important to have a variety of income streams,” McDonough said. “I am always open to new opportunities.” Besides commercial and residential inspections, McDonough regularly completes construction draws, construction progress reports and even reviews for stores accepting food stamps for the state.

When he started his franchise in January 2008, at the beginning of the economic downturn, McDonough jumped into property preservation as a way to bring in cash. Today, he focuses on bringing value-added services to his customers, including contracting for free termite inspections, appliance recall checks, a limited inspection warranty and discounts on security services offered with every inspection.

McDonough has also been proactive with his Internet marketing, drawing as much as 75 percent of his business from online sources early on and spending time each week in face-to-face networking.

“You never know who knows who and who’s going to benefit your business,” he said. “Networking is tremendously important for building relationships with agents and getting repeat business.”

Success With NPI
McDonough has grown his business tremendously since starting it. He now has four inspectors and two more in training. In October 2014, he surpassed the $500,000 mark for the year, with two months of inspections to go. He said that 80 percent of his business comes from real estate agent referrals, proving that his sales and marketing efforts have greatly paid off.

Roland Bates Interview With Franchise Business Review

Roland_101614In October, NPI/GPI president and founder Roland Bates spoke with Franchise Business Review about NPI/GPI, the inspection business, franchisee satisfaction, and why NPI/GPI is a leader in the property inspection franchise business. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the National Property Inspections and Global Property Inspections franchise opportunity. Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

GPI Franchisee Leaves Corporate IT for Property Inspecting


GPI franchise owner Todd Newhook

Todd Newhook of Markham, Ontario, worked in the IT corporate world for 20 years before purchasing his Global Property Inspections franchise. He was involved with renovating his own home and had a passion for tools. Soon his friends were hiring him for renovations and referring him to their friends.

Newhook began taking courses such as home inspections and electrical at a local college while continuing to work in the corporate world. He soon decided that he wanted to change careers and started researching a rapid way to get into home inspections.

Choosing the Right Franchise System
“I researched other franchises, including local companies,” Newhook said. “After becoming frustrated with the lack of response from the other franchises, I called NPI — Julie answered. Her spirit and overall general attitude caught my interest, not to mention she was the only one that directly answered the phone.”

After Newhook spoke with Julie Erickson, director of franchise sales for GPI, and other local GPI competitors, he became more interested in GPI. He put together a spreadsheet and compared all aspects of each company.

“In all areas, GPI was competitive or beat the competition,” he said. “Julie hooked me into the GPI culture. The rest is history.”

Franchising the GPI Way
Newhook said that there are many keys to his success and things that set him apart from the competition. He enjoys being part of a team with GPI. He has a drive to build a business, learn and provide great service.

“GPI has shared with me in every way possible, and I try to return that same level of experience and respect with what I do,” Newhook said. “Everyone at GPI provides excellent support. I think service and marketing sets me apart from the competition.”

The thing Newhook enjoys most about owning a franchise is that running his own business, as that is his passion. He’s also process-oriented and has a genuine interest in continually improving his business, and GPI is there to help him along the way.

“GPI is there for me when I need business support, marketing support or technical support,” he said.

Success With GPI
Newhook’s tips for success are to “get out there” and market and diversify, as well as to take advantage of GPI’s support and advice.

“Join a great team and enjoy each other’s successes,” Newhook said. “Become a part of the team.”

How We Stand Apart From Other Franchisors

Submitted by Bill Erickson, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, NPI/GPI

Dual LogosHow can NPI and GPI franchise owners perform commercial property inspections? Don’t you have to be an engineer or commercial contractor to perform commercial inspections? Our franchise owners’ ability to provide commercial property inspection services helps set them apart from their competitors. If you contact almost any inspection company, the vast majority will tell you they don’t perform commercial inspections — that they concentrate only on home inspections. The fact that NPI/GPI franchisees have a revenue stream from commercial inspections gives them more earning potential than franchisees with other companies, and it gives them an edge against their competitors.

Some property inspectors say they don’t feel they are qualified to perform commercial inspections, but the reality is that they probably don’t understand the market for commercial inspections or the scope of the inspection needed by most commercial clients. At NPI/GPI, we have been working with commercial clients for many years, and we have come to understand the scope of inspection that most commercial clients need. In turn, we educate our NPI/GPI franchise owners on how to inspect commercial properties and prepare the inspection report to meet a client’s needs.

One misunderstanding among property inspectors is that you need to be an engineer or commercial contractor to inspect a commercial building. The fact of the matter is that the scope of most commercial inspections needed by commercial clients is very similar to the scope of a home inspection: It is a visual inspection where the inspector often operates and observes the performance of systems — such as heating and air conditioning, plumbing, etc. — and observes the condition of the roof, exterior and interior walls, and overall structure.

Much like with a home inspection, if the inspector observes a condition that he/she believes to have a significant deficiency, such as multiple cracks in the foundation slab, then the inspector may recommend further evaluation by an engineer. However, most commercial buildings we inspect don’t end up having major deficiencies, and by having NPI/GPI inspect the property instead of unnecessarily hiring engineers or specialists to evaluate the property, clients receive the information they need about a property and satisfy their due diligence when purchasing a property. And it accomplishes all of this economically.

Upon request, NPI and GPI have sample commercial reports available for franchise candidates to review, as well as those for prospective commercial clients. From a franchise owner’s standpoint, the ability to provide commercial inspection services helps diversify their business, improves cash flow and builds a more valuable business.

Commercial Banker Turns Successful NPI Franchise Owner


NPI franchise owner James Childre

Born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, James Childre worked in many cities as a commercial banker before he made the decision to stay in Stuart, Florida, and join National Property Inspections.

Childre and his wife, Erin, have three daughters. Childre said his family influenced his decision to go into business for himself.

“My father-in-law, Andy Michaels, started the franchise,” Childre said. “He wanted to retire, and I mentored under him and then bought the business from him in March 2006.”

Childre describes Erin as the “heart and soul” in the business because she answers the phone and completes most of the office work.

Franchising the NPI Way
Childre said his keys to success with NPI that set him apart from the competition include great training, professionalism and quality reports.

“Accommodating Realtors and clients is always appreciated and only occasionally taken for granted,” Childre said. “Walking the fine line between objective reporting and careful presentation to keep everyone happy is very important.”

The freedom of running his own business and the support from the NPI home office are what Childre said he likes most about owning a franchise. He said that overcoming inexperience and insecurities regarding the technical aspects of the business was challenging. “I am always learning,” he said.

Childre’s communication style with clients puts them at ease and builds their confidence. He always maintains an objective role and reports the issues, and he places priority on the overall implications so as to not scare the client.

“They must know the problems but understanding the big picture allows them to make an educated decision. I always respond to concerns respectfully and immediately,” Childre said.

Success With NPI
Childre’s communication style and face-to-face marketing efforts help build relationships and have proven successful. In fact, he is the recipient of NPI’s President’s Club Award.

Childre is proud of the many times his Realtors convinced other parties — agents, sellers, buyers — to adjust their schedules to allow him time for an inspection.

“My favorite quote from a referring Realtor to a listing agent was, ‘There is a reason your inspector is available immediately and my inspector is a week out.’ I appreciate the sentiment of conviction from my allies. That is the power of relationships,” Childre said.

What advice for new franchise owners does Childre offer?

“Step outside your comfort zone to reach out to new referral sources. Stay in your comfort zone in technical matters. Being bold always makes a good impression. Being arrogant always leaves a bad impression.”