‘Other Property Inspection Companies Weren’t on the Level’

pigeonRoger Pigeon didn’t know anything about the home inspection business until he became a customer himself — and a dissatisfied one, at that. Pigeon and his family were relocating to San Diego in 1999 and purchasing a house when they got their first look at the property inspection industry.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but when the inspector charged $225 for a half-hour inspection and missed a lot, I thought, ‘I could do a better job than that.’”

Pigeon learned more about the home inspection industry — and National Property Inspections — from Entrepreneur Magazine. “Other property inspection companies weren’t on the level,” Pigeon said, “but the people I talked with at NPI were just great.” After working in the building and machine maintenance industry in San Diego and Utah for 14 years, Pigeon decided to start his own NPI franchise in November 1999.

Franchising the NPI Way
When he began his business, Pigeon faced considerable competition in his San Diego-area market. “I joined the Chamber of Commerce and the Realtor’s association, shook a lot of hands, then did a good job on inspections,” he said. “That brought me referrals.” He built contacts by attending Realtor meetings, providing the snack for those meetings, and distributing his business cards.

Promptness, attention to detail and professionalism have helped Pigeon stand hand and shoulders above his competitors. “I’ve done well over a thousand inspections to date, and I’ve never been late,” Pigeon said.

Pigeon, an NPI Pinnacle Award Winner, hopes to continue to grow his business and plans to begin training his son, Nicholas, to help with inspections. “Each year my business grows and grows,” he said.

His advice to new inspectors is to play a positive role in the inspection process. “You need to tell it like it is, but there are always positive ways to do that,” Pigeon said. “Just do a good, thorough job and be courteous, and you’ll get business in return.”

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