Millennials and Their Parents Create Successful Franchise Partnerships

FatherSonAlthough the economy is slowly recovering from recession, there’s still a shortage of jobs — and fierce competition for the jobs that are available. The situation has created challenges for both Millennials entering the workforce and their parents who have been working for many years: The jobs available for Millennials graduating college are few and far between, and layoffs are still all too common for Gen X and Baby Boomer workers.

But some families insist that they will turn lemons into lemonade, and they’ve overcome the challenges of the job market by creating parent-child franchise teams. They’re partnerships where the new meets the old, where Millennials bring their innovation and tech savviness and Baby Boomers bring valuable experience and stability. And these partnerships are overwhelmingly successful.

Franchising is a natural choice for family teams looking to start their own business. With a franchise, the hard work of starting a business is done for you. The franchisor provides the education and training you’ll need to successfully run the business. And, in many cases, you’ll receive ongoing support from the franchisor. Moreover, franchising allows Millennials and their parents to change career fields and build a successful business in an area they may not have previously considered.

Many of these parent-child partnerships also bring in other members of the family to assist with office management, marketing and bookkeeping. In this way, the whole family becomes invested in building the business.

At National Property Inspections, we have several parent-child and family teams working hard to build a family legacy with their home and property inspection businesses. Whether you are a hardworking, creative Millennial seeking the chance to start your own business or a business-savvy Baby Boomer who’s tired of the corporate grind but not ready to retire, we have opportunities for you. For more information, visit in the United States or in Canada.

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