Mold Certification Is Beneficial for Home Inspectors

Mold Spores_shutterstock_108833519NPI/GPI encourages its franchise owners/inspectors to diversify their businesses by offering additional inspection services. One way we achieve this is by training our inspectors in both home and commercial building inspection — and we’re the only franchisor to do so — so that our franchisees have more earning potential with commercial building inspections. Another service some of our franchise owners offer is mold inspections.

As many people know, mold can cause adverse health effects. But not everyone knows how to locate or identify mold. Home inspectors who are not certified mold inspectors cannot properly identify mold in the inspection report; usually, they will note the presence of “suspected mold” or “possible mold.” Certified mold inspections are the best way to inform home owners and buyers whether their property has mold.

Some molds are hidden in areas of the walls, attics, crawl spaces, attics and even outdoors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), molds can cause severe health issues in some people. Eye irritation, lethargy, allergy irritations and severe lung infections can result from mold exposure.

Home inspectors who want to obtain mold certification can find training available from the following organizations:

Clean air is more desired today than ever before, as more people are now aware of the damage that can result from pollutants. If mold is present in a house or building, a mold inspection can determine how severe the damage may be. Mold removal is an expensive repair that can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. And, a mold problem can mean not only repair costs, but also decreased quality of life inside the house. Who wants to be sick most of the time due to mold infestation of a home? If mold damage is severe, it could even render a home uninhabitable.

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