Should Home Inspectors Become Certified in WDO Inspections?

Termites + Damage_shutterstock_190584746Termites are small enough that one could sit comfortably on your fingernail. How devastating could the damage be from an insect as small as this? According to, termites cause $ 5 billion in property damage each year.  Other wood-destroying organisms (WDO) include fungi, carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles.

Early damage from WDO can be minimal, but if left untreated the ongoing invasion can devastate a home. Damage can be serious enough to collapse floors or even the ceiling in a home. Annual WDO inspections can help prevent the invasion of the destructive insects and fungi, and home buyers should always have a WDO inspection done with a home inspection.

Some home buyers assume that the general home inspector provides a WDO inspection. They are unaware that certification and training for WDO inspections are separate. This is a key reason that home inspectors should consider becoming certified for WDO inspections.  The more knowledge and services that you can provide your client, the more return business you will win. A completely satisfied client will most assuredly remember you when someone they know needs the service that you provided to them.

As with mold inspection certification, NPI/GPI encourages our franchise owners/inspectors to become certified in performing WDO inspections as a way to diversify their businesses and earn more income. For a list of add-on specialty services that home inspectors can provide when they receive additional training and certification, click here.

To learn more about NPI/GPI franchise opportunities in home and commercial building inspection, visit in the United States or in Canada.

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