How to Hire Great Employees


By Roland Bates, President of NPI

Great training. Great opportunity. Great compensation. They don’t mean much if you don’t start with a good hire. It surprises me how little time and effort many small business owners put into finding and training good employees. Can you imagine our NPI/GPI franchisees hiring an inspector and then finding out they don’t have a valid driver’s license, won’t go in crawl spaces or are afraid to climb ladders? Or can’t spell “GFI,” let alone know what it is?

Growing a successful business requires having great employees. National Property Inspections, Inc. helps its franchisees with their hiring needs in several ways. We help them to know when to hire, what positions to fill, where to find those people, how to train them, how to compensate them, how to supervise them and if necessary, how to discipline them. We help our franchisees learn to be good bosses. And without the proper training, not everyone is a good boss. If you haven’t learned how to be a good boss, it can lead to employee turnover, which is disruptive to any business. We are here to help our NPI/GPI franchisees from start to finish. We don’t want them to learn hiring lessons the hard way.

Relative to hiring, NPI offers phone or video conferencing, webinars, written guidelines and more so franchisees can do their own hiring and training locally. Or if they prefer, they may send their employees to NPI’s corporate training center in Omaha. We can help train inspectors to better prepare employees to obtain their licensing. Or we can help train sales and marketing people so they can return home and help franchisees build their businesses.

NPI/GPI franchisees are taught how to interview, where to interview, given sample questions to ask during an interview, and how the all-important Rule of 3 applies, increasing their chances of making good hires.

The nature of an NPI/GPI inspection business revolves around hiring for four basic positions. Having a job description for each position and understanding how each position plays a vital role in the business is extremely important. Hiring good employees turns the franchise into a business and adds value to the business when the franchisee decides to sell or retire.

In closing and points to ponder:

Why do I want to hire an employee(s)?

• I’m busy, I’m turning work down.
• Circumstances warrant it.
• Hiring is part of my plan.
• Where do I find good employees?
• What key positions pertain to my business?
• Should I hire someone just like me?
• What is the Rule of 3?
• How do I train and compensate my employees?
• What are non-compete agreements and do they pertain to my business?
• How do employees add value to my business?

It’s National Property Inspections, Inc.’s job to help you with the answers to those questions and more.

Roland’s focus is on managing National Property Inspections, Inc., and developing long-term planning and goals for the business. He also works hands-on with new franchise owners and helps train them on how to operate and grow their businesses. Roland’s high energy, willingness to work hard and optimistic outlook are the cornerstones of the success for NPI. His easy manner and family attitude inspire a friendly and close atmosphere at the company.

Before he founded NPI in 1987, Roland owned a general contracting company, where he worked for eight years as a general contractor. Prior to that, he spent five years as a property claims supervisor and regional claims manager.

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