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What Skills Do I Need to Become a Property Inspector?

Inspector + Deck7If you’re looking for career options for your first career or your next career, then property inspection may pique your interest. As one of the leading property inspection franchisors, National Property Inspections and Global Property Inspections have franchise owners from a wide variety of backgrounds. Here are the top four skills you’ll need to become a great home and commercial property inspector.

1. Technical Knowledge
Property inspectors need to have sound general knowledge about all aspects of a home or commercial building, including structure and foundation, heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, roofs, and interior and exterior elements. They need to know how each component functions, what it does and how to inspect it. They also need to know the common problems of each component and how to identify problems.

Although many property inspectors have a background in a construction field or trade, the good news is that you don’t need a construction background to succeed in the property inspection business. We have plenty of franchise owners who came from corporate or IT careers and have become successful property inspectors. The most important thing is that you find outstanding training in the property inspection field.

Our franchise owners say that the NPI/GPI training program is a key reason they choose to start their property inspection business with us. Our extensive training program gives them the knowledge they need to perform both home and commercial building inspections, and our training is approved in states and provinces that require licensing.

2. Report-writing Software
The inspection report is a crucial part of every property inspection. The report lets home buyers and commercial building buyers know what components are in good working order, what needs to be repaired or replaced, and what systems are nearing end of life. In addition, many buyers use their inspection reports as checklists of things to repair after they buy the house or building.

The report-writing software that you use must provide comprehensive, professional-looking reports that are also easy for your clients to understand. The software must allow the insertion of plenty of photos. And it must be user-friendly for you so that you can create inspection reports efficiently and quickly.

Inspector + Client73. Effective Communication Skills
Because so much of a property inspector’s business comes from referral sources, such as real estate agents, it is imperative that people in this business have superb communication skills, both verbal and written. Verbal communication is vital when meeting and networking with potential referral sources, as well as when reviewing your report findings with clients. Effective written communication is critical for your inspection reports.

4. Sales, Marketing and Computer Skills
You don’t need to have an extensive background in sales and marketing to have a successful property inspection business, but people who know how to sell and market will succeed better and faster. Again, the good news is that if you have no sales or marketing skills, you can easily learn the skills you need for the property inspection business.

Some examples of where sales and marketing skills are essential to your business are meeting with potential referral sources, using social media marketing to position your business, knowing how to close the sale when someone calls for an inspection, and developing and growing your business contacts.

Intermediate computer skills are a great asset to a property inspector. For example, you’ll use report-writing software loaded on your computer. You’ll also be giving presentations at real estate offices, so some skill with PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications will be helpful. And any experience you may have with websites, social media and Web applications will definitely help you.

So, is property inspection a good fit for your next career move? If you are interested in the industry and have some of the skills necessary, then there’s a good chance you can succeed with your own inspection business. Bear in mind, though, that most of the skills you need can be easily learned — you just have to find the right training classes.

For this reason, many entrepreneurs who venture into property inspection choose to start their businesses with a franchisor. National Property Inspections and Global Property Inspections offer comprehensive training in the technical aspects of inspection, sales and marketing, business, and networking so you can get your business of to a great start. Call 1.800.333.9807, Ext. 24, for more information about our franchise opportunities in your area.

Learn How to Start Your Own Home Inspection Business

Inspector + ACIf you’re frustrated with the corporate grind, tired of working for someone else or ready to put your entrepreneurial spirit to work, then you may be thinking of starting your own business. If you already know what business you want to go into, then you’re lucky. For many others who are searching for business ideas or for a second career, home and commercial property inspection offers a challenging, exciting and lucrative opportunity.

Property inspection is a career field with a bright future. Eight out of 10 home buyers order a home inspection. Also consider the following outlook for the housing and commercial property industries:

  • The real estate industry is expected to remain on a sustainable course of solid growth for 2015 through 2017. (Urban Land Institute, April 2015)
  • According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), home builders’ confidence in the housing market jumped five points in June 2015, as their sales outlook improved to its highest level since 2005.
  • In the largest 100 housing markets in the United States, it’s still cheaper to own than rent, by 38% nationally. (Trulia, June 2015)
  • “The pending home sales report added to robust building permits, housing starts, new-home sales and home resales data in painting a bullish picture of the housing market.” (The New York Times, June 2015)
  • Existing home sales increased 5.1 percent in June 2015 to an annual rate of 5.35 million units — the highest level since November 2009. This year’s home sales are on track for the strongest gain since 2007. (National Association of Realtors)
  • The commercial real estate market should continue its upswing. Vacancy rates for offices, industrial markets and retail markets are all expected to decline. (National Association of Realtors, June 2015)
  • An influx in new apartment construction is forecast to cause an uptick in the multifamily vacancy rate. (National Association of Realtors, June 2015.

On Wednesday, Aug. 12, National Property Inspections, Inc., will hold its first-ever webinar for entrepreneurs interested in starting a property inspection business. Click here for more information and to register for the webinar.

Presented by Roland Bates, president of National Property Inspections, Inc., and Julie Erickson, director of franchise sales for NPI/GPI, the webinar will cover topics including services performed by property inspectors; skills, background and training for property inspectors; starting an inspection business; and more.

Career Options in Building Inspection

“¨°Starting a career? Changing careers? Then commercial building inspection can be an exciting and challenging opportunity. As a building inspector, or construction inspector, you’ll ensure that properties meet local and national building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications. Building inspectors typically are employed by a city, township or county, and they specialize in either residential or commercial buildings.

Commercial building inspectors are usually certified in an area such as plumbing, electrical or mechanical inspections. Most cities and counties also require certification by the state or the International Code Council (ICC). The inspector’s job is to enforce the codes dictated by the jurisdiction in which they work. To train to become a commercial building inspector, areas of study include drafting, building inspection, construction technology and home inspection. You might also pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering.

Working as a building inspector is a job where you’ll work for someone else, not a business that you will operate on your own. If you want to start your own inspection business, then you should consider becoming a home inspector and/or commercial property inspector.

We Train Home and Commercial Property Inspectors
National Property Inspections and Global Property Inspections, top-rated franchisors, enable franchise owners to become more than just home inspectors; they also become commercial property inspectors. NPI/GPI is the only franchisor to offer franchise owners this diversification of their businesses.

As an NPI or GPI franchise owner, you will own your business and work as a private contractor performing commercial building inspections. Our franchise owners/inspectors work for individuals, investors and companies that hire them to inspect properties to determine building conditions and components in need of repair — not necessarily due to code compliance but rather based on minimum standards for materials and workmanship that should be present in new or existing homes and commercial structures.

NPI/GPI offers the training you need to become a commercial property inspector. For more information about our franchise opportunities in home and commercial property inspection, visit in the United States or in Canada.