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National Property Inspections, Inc., Named in Two CNBC.com Articles

Eldon "Scooter" Holliday

Eldon “Scooter” Holliday

National Property Inspections, Inc., parent company of National Property Inspections in the United States and Global Property Inspections in Canada, is pleased to congratulate NPI franchise owner Eldon Holliday for being named one of America’s Star Franchisees 2016. The list, compiled by CNBC.com in conjunction with research partner Franchise Business Review, evaluated nearly 30,000 franchise owners across the United States seeking one star franchisee in each state. Although Holliday lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi, his territory crosses the border into Memphis, and he was selected as the Tennessee star franchisee.

“I am honored to be recognized by CNBC.com,” Holliday said. “I’ve worked hard to build my NPI franchise, and I’m grateful that I’ve had a strong company behind me. That support has made all the difference. I feel like NPI is dedicated to my success.”

Holliday, whose background is in automotive repair, started his franchise nine years ago. Although he has a mind for mechanical things, he didn’t have a background in construction. He credits NPI’s top-notch training program and ongoing training to helping him achieve great success with his business.

“Eldon is a fantastic franchisee,” said Roland Bates, president and founder of National Property Inspections, Inc. “He is one of our award-winning franchise owners because he consistently pushes himself and takes his business to the next level. He has proven that our franchise system works well, and helps entrepreneurs succeed.”

CNBC.com chose America’s Star Franchisees based on franchisee satisfaction and high regard for management, as well as the following franchisor criteria:

  • Strong proof of concept in multiple markets
  • Clean review of the franchise disclosure document
  • Solid financial performance and a good opportunity for franchisee return on investment

In addition to the news about Holliday’s selection, National Property Inspections, Inc., was named yesterday on CNBC.com’s list of “9 Low-cost Franchises That Can Make You Rich.”

“We have worked very hard for many years to make our franchise one of the best,” Bates said. Because we are dedicated to our franchisees and to helping them succeed, we have high franchisee satisfaction, and that has opened doors for us. We are well-known and respected in our industry, and I am convinced that’s because we live up to our motto and operate with honesty, integrity and professionalism in everything we do.”

To read the full article about America’s Star Franchisees 2016 and learn more about Holliday’s experience with NPI, please visit http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/11/50-big-franchise-success-stories-americas-star-franchisees-2016.html.

To learn more about an NPI or GPI franchise opportunity in your area, click one of the links below:

National Property Inspections, Inc., Makes FranchiseGrade.com® Top 500

FG-TOP-500-ICONNational Property Inspections, Inc., parent company of National Property Inspections in the United States and Global Property Inspections in Canada, is pleased to announce that its franchise system has been named one of the Top 500 franchises in the United States. The Franchise Grade® Top 500 is compiled from an analysis and benchmark of 2,387 franchise systems. This database represents the largest number of franchise systems used to determine a top franchise ranking, which makes this a significant accomplishment. It uses FranchiseGrade.com’s proprietary Franchise Performance Index, a data tool used to determine the relative grade of each franchise system. Its inclusion in the Franchise Grade Top 500 defines National Property Inspections as a healthy investment opportunity for prospective franchisees.

The FranchiseGrade.com Top 500 list is unique because its methodology is comprehensive and objectively applied, whereas most top franchise lists use a simplistic and limited methodology.

“I am very pleased that we have made Franchise Grade’s top franchises list,” said Roland Bates, president of National Property Inspections, Inc. “In many ways, they grade franchises tougher than some other organizations, so it really says something great about NPI that we made this list. I think our inclusion on the Top 500, combined with our outstanding franchisee satisfaction will convince prospective franchisees that we really do offer more than our competitors.”

In addition to its ranking as a top franchise, National Property Inspections, Inc., is proud to be a top-ranked franchise based on franchisee satisfaction. In an independent franchisee satisfaction survey conducted by Franchise Business Review, NPI scored 4.1 out of 5.0 stars, demonstrating high franchisee satisfaction and outperforming others in its industry. To access the most recent NPI/GPI franchisee satisfaction report, go to http://report.franchisebusinessreview.com/?m=JITjWol.

NPI/GPI Named a Top 100 Franchise for Veterans

Dual LogosNational Property Inspections, Inc., parent company of National Property Inspections in the United States and Global Property Inspections in Canada, is pleased to announce our inclusion in Franchise Business Review’s 2015 Top Franchises for Veterans special report. The report highlights the 100 franchise companies rated highest in franchisee satisfaction by military veterans who were surveyed. Franchise Business Review’s research included survey feedback from more than 3,047 military veterans who are current franchise owners. The national study included more than 285 leading franchise companies, and the resulting list of Top 100 franchises is based exclusively on franchisee satisfaction among veteran franchise owners.

According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), more than 5,600 veterans have become franchise owners since November 2011. In fact, 14 percent of all franchises are owned by military veterans. Not all franchises are a good fit for vets, so it is crucial that they perform their due diligence prior to signing a franchise agreement.

NPI and GPI offer low-cost franchises for less than $37,000, with a 15 percent discount on the initial franchise fee for U.S. and Canadian military veterans.

“Our motto is ‘Integrity, Honesty and Professionalism,” Bill Erickson, executive vice president at National Property Inspections, Inc., told Franchise Business Review. “We actively recruit veterans because they typically have each of these traits. In addition, we appreciate their can-do attitude, self-confidence and willingness to follow direction.”

To learn more about NPI and GPI franchise opportunities, visit www.npifranchise.com/ in the United States or www.gpifranchise.com/ in Canada. To access the Franchise Business Review 2015 Top Franchises for Veterans report, visit http://www.franchisebusinessreview.com/franchise-reports/top-franchises-veterans/.

Franchise Business Review Names National Property Inspections a Top Low-Cost Franchise

Dual LogosNational Property Inspections, Inc., is proud to be named a top low-cost franchise opportunity by Franchise Business Review for the second year in a row. To be included on the list, a franchise must cost less than $100,000 and must adhere to the publication’s recommended best practices. The list of top opportunities includes the low-cost franchises that scored best on Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction survey.

National Property Inspections, Inc., parent company of National Property Inspections in the United States and Global Property Inspections in Canada, offers franchises for less than $40,000 in both countries. Earlier this year, we participated in Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction survey and scored 4.1 stars with very satisfied franchisees, outperforming competitors in the home inspection franchise industry. Click here to read the summary of the survey report.

According to FRANdata research spanning 2013 to 2015, there are currently 668 franchise opportunities in 29 industries with investment requirements under $100,000.  When it comes to franchises, low cost does not mean low quality. Low-cost franchises offer plenty of benefits over more expensive franchises, and this is reflected by franchisee satisfaction: Low-cost franchisee satisfaction is 11 percent higher than that of franchisees who selected more expensive opportunities. Furthermore, many low-cost franchises can be run as home or mobile business, greatly reducing their overhead costs.

NPI/GPI takes pride in offering low-cost, high-quality franchises that include ongoing support for franchise owners. “We work with each and every franchise owner to help them build a successful franchise,” said Roland Bates, president of NPI/GPI. “From technical training and support to ongoing marketing coaching, we have an experienced team at our home office that is always available for our franchisees. And I am always available for them, too. I regularly touch base with as many franchisees as I can.”

To learn more about NPI/GPI franchise opportunities, visit http://npifranchise.com/ in the United States or http://gpifranchise.com/ in Canada. To read the full Franchise Business Review low-cost franchises report click here.

National Property Inspections Named a Top Franchise Opportunity of 2015

GatorNPI/GPI is pleased to announce its inclusion on Franchise Gator’s new list of Top 100 Franchises of 2015. Franchise Gator is one of the largest franchise and business opportunity directories in North America.

Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises of 2015 were carefully selected by measuring the quality of a franchise system over time. The rankings are based on a formula created from various parts of a franchisor’s franchise disclosure document (FDD) and focus on financial stability, growth, transparency, engagement, continuity and sustainability. The Gator team studied hundreds of FDDs over the past year to compile the Top 100 list for 2015.

Franchise Gator also focused on evaluating franchise opportunities that would be of interest to what its typical visitor is seeking. This included considering investment range and industry to create a unique rankings list.

“I love good news,” said Roland Bates, president of National Property Inspections, Inc., “and this is great news for us as a franchisor. We’ve worked hard to build our company on the principles of honesty, integrity and professionalism, and in doing that, we have become one of North America’s leading home inspection franchises. We are proud to be recognized as such by Franchise Gator and happy to be included on this list.”

Over the last year, National Property Inspections has been named to several top franchise lists in addition to Franchise Gator’s Top 100, including Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises 2015, Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises for Veterans, Military Times Best for Vets: Franchises and Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®.

For more information about our franchise opportunities, visit www.npifranchising.com in the United States and www.gpifranchising.com in Canada.

Roland Bates Interview With Franchise Business Review

Roland_101614In October, NPI/GPI president and founder Roland Bates spoke with Franchise Business Review about NPI/GPI, the inspection business, franchisee satisfaction, and why NPI/GPI is a leader in the property inspection franchise business. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the National Property Inspections and Global Property Inspections franchise opportunity. Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

Long-time NPI Franchisee Left the Corporate World to Start His Own Business

NPI franchise owner Clyde Yost

NPI franchise owner Clyde Yost

During the early years of his career, Clyde Yost worked in engineering and technical milling for several national and international organizations. But in 1987, the year National Property Inspections was founded, he was searching for something more.

“I was tired of corporate cutbacks and layoffs and also the many days and nights away from home,” Yost said. “I wanted to be my own boss and stay away from airplanes and motels as much as possible.”

Choosing an NPI Franchise
Yost responded to an NPI ad in USA Today and then traveled from Kansas City, Mo., to visit NPI’s home office in Omaha, Neb. He met with NPI’s president and founder, Roland Bates, for about half a day. After the visit, he was impressed with Bates and went home to discuss with his family NPI and going into business for himself. They agreed that NPI sounded like a solid opportunity and said they would support Yost in his new venture. So, Yost purchased his NPI franchise in June 1987.

Yost considered starting a home inspection business independently, but realized that a franchise system could offer the support and training he needed to get his business off the ground. Today, he’s proud to be part of a franchise system.

“I felt comfortable talking with Roland and did not receive much information from any of the other inspection companies that I contacted,” Yost said. “There were not many choices in 1987.”

Franchising the NPI Way
One of the things NPI prides itself on is outstanding support for its business owners from the moment they contact us about a franchise opportunity. Yost said that the support from the corporate office and meeting with other franchise owners has provided an excellent opportunity for learning the business. “I was looking for technical help in starting a business – having a report to use on inspections and having a good name to present to prospective clients. I got all of that and more with NPI,” he said.

In 1987, Bates did a large portion of the training of new business owners himself (he still does some training with every new business owner today), and had assembled a team that also included an electrician, a plumber and an HVAC contractor to teach new business owners everything they needed to know about the property inspection business.

“There were no computers or other high-tech devices in 1987,” Yost said. “Our tools consisted of binoculars and a Polaroid camera, a screwdriver and crescent wrench. The forms were filled out at the site by hand and given to the client. The training was very good and helpful in developing my business.”

These days, NPI has two training experts on staff full time, and these employees also provide field support to NPI business owners seven days a week by telephone. The tools of the trade have improved, too, as NPI now gives its business owners a complete tablet computer and printer setup and high-tech tools such as a gas sniffer, circuit tester, infrared thermometer and moisture meter.

In addition to its training experts, NPI has a full staff ready to support its business owners, including a marketing team that includes a marketing coach and marketing manager.

“The staff has been very good to work with and has been around almost as long as I have,” Yost said. “There has never been a time when I could not find someone to answer my questions.” And often, this is Bates himself, as he remains very hands-on with NPI business owners.

Yost attends the NPI Annual Conference every November to earn inspector continuing education credits and to network with his peers, other NPI business owners. “I enjoy the annual meetings and getting together with the new members of the organization, as well as seeing the ‘old-timers’ for another session,” he said.

Success With NPI
Today, Yost has been operating his home inspection business in Kansas City, Mo. for more than 25 years. Does he have regrets about leaving the corporate world to start a business of his own with NPI?

“Never,” he said. “My experience with NPI has been great for my career and my family.”